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Alexandre Resende

Archery is one of the most traditional Paralympic sports and has been in the programme since the first edition of the Games in Rome 1960.

Contrary to several other sports, which started with men only events, archery has included women since its first steps. In addition to individual events, there are also team events.


Archery athletes are divided into three categories according to their disability:

ARST – includes those that do not have any disabilities in the arms, but have some disability in the legs, such as loss of muscle strength, coordination or joint mobility. Athletes can shoot sitting on a normal chair, with their feet on the ground or standing up.

ARW 1 – for athletes with disabilities in their arms and legs, limited movement, strength, arm control and little or no control over their torso.

ARW 2 – for athletes that suffer from paraplegia and limited joint mobility in the lower limbs and use a wheelchair daily.


Unforgettable moment

The opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona stood out thanks to an archery Paralympic athlete. Spaniard Antonio Rebollo was given the responsibility of firing the flaming arrow that lit the Olympic flame and played the main part in one of the most iconic images in the history of the Olympic Games. In addition to taking part in the ceremony that year, Rebollo also left his mark in the Paralympics. The Spaniard competed in the New York/Stoke Mandeville Games in 1984, Seoul 1998 and Barcelona 1992. He won two silver medals and a bronze.

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