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Agnelo/Piva Bill

Sanctioned on 16 July 2001, Law No 10,264, known as the Agnelo/Piva Bill, establishes that 2% from the gross revenues from the federal lottery, after prizes are paid out, should be allocated to the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) in the following breakdown: 85% for COB and the remaining 15% for CPB. The Agnelo/Piva Bill also establishes that from the total earned by these institutions, 10% should be invested in school sport and 5% in university sport.

After the Agnelo/Piva Bill, several Olympic and Paralympic confederations started being able to rely on long lasting income to invest in projects, with a view to preparing athletes to take part in several international and national competitions. In addition, these confederations have been able to purchase equipment, hire expert staff, like trainers and high level professionals, among other things.

The lottery in Brazil is operated by the Federal Savings Bank (CEF) and betting on the draw every week is very much part of Brazilian culture. The resources secured by the Agnelo/Piva Bill have become a constant source of funding, which have provided a considerable improvement to the performance of Brazilian athletes in international competitions.