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On 13 September 2012, at the same launch ceremony of the Brazil Medals Plan, President Dilma Rousseff signed the decree that created the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Managing Committee (CGOLIMPÍADAS). The Committee has the charge of establishing the federal government’s actions and guidelines for the staging of the Rio 2016 Games, as well as overseeing the work being done by the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Executive Group (GEOLIMPÍADAS). Establishing the Committee has not led the Olympic Public Authority (APO) to lose any powers.

The structure set up works in a similar way to the World Cup Managing Committee (CGCOPA), bringing together the ministries involved in the organisation of the Games, under the coordination of the Ministry of Sport.

It is up to GEOLIMPÍADAS to approve and coordinate federal government activities related to the 2016 Games, conducted directly and indirectly by federal bodies, or funded with federal resources. GEOLÍMPIADAS is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Sport - coordinating role -. from the Presidential Staff Office, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and the Office of the Comptroller General.

Decree that created the CGOlimpíadas and GEOlimpíadas - Download (in portuguese)

Public Administrative Rules

Members of GEOlimpíadas - Download (in portuguese)

Replacement of member - Download (in portuguese)

Creatio of GAJ-Olimpíadas - Download (in portuguese)

Members of GAJ-Olimpíadas - Download (in portuguese)