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Stage Design Areas


Warehouse 1


Sport & Energy by William Kass


This exhibition showcases sports and sights of Rio. Works made with miniatures, biscuits, pasta, and industrialized bread and cake in order to stress the importance of foods that are sources of energy for sports activities.

Curator: William Kass
Implementing organisation: Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes - ABIMAPI


Assistive Health Technology Area


A showroom for Assistive Technology products with a focus on functionality and well-being for people with disabilities. It is meant for the public - including people with disabilities - to use it for sports, rehabilitation and workshops on sports. This area has the performance of Paralympians and extreme sports para-athletes, as well as instructors, physiotherapists, occupational therapy workers, and other industry organisations.

Curator:  Brazilian Association of Medical and Dental Equipment Manufacturers - ABIMO
Implementing organisation:   Brazilian Association of Medical and Dental Equipment Manufacturers - ABIMO
With support by: Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency - Apex-Brasil
With the participation of: Freedom, The Products, Jumper/Spine, and Ibramed


Arte do Café Area


Area where Brazilian specialty coffees from the various producing regions are showcased, and also the history of this secular product in our Country. Hourly performances will be held, followed by coffee tasting sessions run by baristas.

Curator:  Brazil Specialty Coffee Association - BSCA
Implementing organisation:  Brazil Specialty Coffee Association - BSCA
With support by: Specialty coffee sector companies and the Brazilian Service of Assistance to Micro and Small Enterprises - SEBRAE


Academia da Saúde


The Academia da Saúde Programme is an initiative by the Federal Government as part of the Unified Health System - SUS in order to develop actions for health promotion and prevention of chronic diseases in facilities called "polo" under the coordination of Primary Health Care workers.

Curator: Danielle Cruz
Implementing organisation: Ministry of Health


Galeria MinC


Exhibition of works by contemporary Brazilian artists.

Curator: National Arts Foundation - Funarte
Implementing organisation: Ministry of Culture - MinC


Brazil in the World


This exhibition provides sensory experiences to showcase Brazilian products for export and foreign investment in Brazil.

Curator:  Bijari
Implementing organisation: Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency - Apex-Brasil
With support by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MRE


Warehouse 2


Exhibition on Brazil's Historical and Cultural Heritage


Sightseeing tour of the 12 sites declared "World Heritage" by UNESCO.

Curator: Brazilian Tourism Institute - Embratur
Implementing organisation: Brazilian Tourism Institute - Embratur


Brazil's Intangible Heritage


This exhibition showcases some of the 38 cultural items declared by the National Institute for Historic and Artistic Heritage - IPHAN as Brazilian Cultural Heritage, and five of them have been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. The assets fall into four categories - Knowledge, Places, Celebrations, and Means of Expression.

Curator: Luciano Figueiredo
Stage design: Ronald Teixeira
Implementing organisation: LP Arte Soluções Culturais
Sponsored by: CAIXA


Mais Médicos Exhibit


This exhibition brings together pictures captured in 19 states and provides a record of home visits and appointments by 18,000 workers in the Mais Médicos Programme in remote areas of the Country.

Curator:  Araquém Alcântara
Implementing organisation:  Ministry of Health - MS
With support by: Pan American Health Organisation - PAHO and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ


Brasil Junino


Of all the festivities found across Brazil, São João is one of the most popular, born from the villages, campfire smoke, gaping laughter, rural and urban areas, harvest, and abundance. It includes delicacies such as melado, as strong as sugar cane brandy - pure innocence combined with the malice of people.

Curator: Edilane Oliveira
Implementing organisation: Brazilian Integration Institute - IBI
With support by: Caixa Econômica Federal


A tour of Brazil


This exhibition showcases the various locations travelled by the Olympic Torch with the excitement of the Olympic Games and its primary value: bringing peoples together. The Torch brought together the most remote locations of Brazil.

Curator: Agência Terruá
Implementing organisation: Brazilian Post Office - Correios
With support by: Ministry of Tourism - MTur


Foz do Iguaçu Experience


Foz do Iguaçu invites you for an interactive experience, to show all the charming beauties of one of the most iconic destinations in the world.
An unparalleled feeling where you will go through the Iguaçu Falls - one of the seven wonders of nature.

Curator:  IguassuConvention&Visitors Bureau
Implementing organisation: Promo – Marketing Inteligente
With support by: Itaipu Nacional


Timeline – Brazil and the Olympic Games


Brief description: The Timeline is intended to showcase the participation of Brazilian athletes throughout the history of the Olympic Games, with an emphasis on the most striking characters while raising awareness of Brazil's Olympic sport heritage.

Curator: Katia Rubio
Implementing organisation:Neoânima Comunicação and Ministry of Sport
Sponsored by: Banco do Brasil


Casa da Torcida Brasil


Brief description: An up-close look at the history of sports provided by Banco do Brasil, while showcasing interactive activities with various sports.

Implementing organisation:Nihil
With support/Sponsorship by:Banco do Brasil


eSports Rio 2016 Arena


This venue was designed to boost the presence of Brazil and electronic athletes and foster mainstreaming of national electronic sports at the institutional, educational, professional, and inclusion levels.

Curator: Dennis Cossi
Implementing organisation:Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports - CBDEL
With support by: Ministry of Sport - ME


Maria Lenk


This exhibition tells the story of the first Brazilian Olympic swimmer, and is intended to raise awareness of and highlight the importance of Brazil's swimming heritage and raise Brazil's profile abroad through excellence in sports.

Curator: Lamartine DaCosta
Implementing organisation: Ministry of Sport - ME
Sponsored by: Ministry of Sport - ME


Experimentando Diferenças


Experience emotions similar to those experienced by Paralympic athletes in some sports: blindfold football, boccia, athletics, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, and games.

Implementing organisation: Fernando Rigo
With support by: Ministry of Sport - ME
Sponsored by: Loterias CAIXA