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Athlete Grant

The Athlete Grant is the biggest individual sponsorship programme for sportspeople in the world. From 2005 to 2012, the programme has invested R$ 331.64 million in grants. In the first year, the programme reached 924 athletes. In 2013, almost 6.6 thousand athletes are beneficiaries of the Athlete Grant Programme.

The programme's target audience are high performance or junior level athletes who perform well in national and international competitions. According to their results, athletes are selected for one of the programme’s five categories: Junior, Student, National, International and Olympic/Paralympic. Grants vary between R$ 370 and R$ 3,100. Those selected are entitled to the benefit for a period of a year. The funds are deposited in the athlete’s account.

One of the success pillars of the Athlete Grant Programme is that it caters for sportspeople who have reached good results, regardless of their economic situation and without the need for intermediaries to be involved. In order to qualify for the benefit, the athlete needs to meet the technical requirements, keep him/herself competing and in training, as well as reaching good results in competitions chosen by their respective confederations.