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Jun 20, 2016 04:19 PM


EMBRATUR sets up profile in Chinese social network to attract tourists from that country to Brazil

In London 2012, Weibo recorded four billion posts during Games time. Platform has over 600 million Chinese nationals registered on it

With the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games around the corner, EMBRATUR has set up an official profile on the Sina/Weibo social network, one of the world's biggest interactive platforms, with over 600 million users in China alone. The aim is to use the platform to advertise Brazilian tourist attractions and thus, lure Chinese tourists to the country before, during and after the Games.

Visit Brasil, a publicity platform for the country abroad, will feed Weibo's profile with short, practical and informative content with the aim of selling experiences offered by the country like cities, nature, cuisine and culture. According to a Ministry of Tourism study, culture, ecotourism, shopping and business is what attracts the Chinese the most to Brazil.

"Brazil is preparing to play host to tourists from the whole world at the Olympic Games. Focusing on the Chinese visitor is essential in order to win that market over, which sends 100 million people abroad every year on trips. The agency has been working to enhance tourist exchange between the two countries. We're placing the Chinese tourist in direct contact with the Brazilian people, our beautiful landscape and culture", states EMBRATUR's deputy president José Antônio Parente.

A hundred thousand Chinese nationals are expected in Rio for the 2016 Games. Data from the World Tourism Organization (WTO) points out that the Chinese public has spent the most with tourism in the world since 2012. "EMBRATUR has been endeavouring to set up strategies aimed specifically at the Chinese, based on their characteristics and preferences, due to the huge potential at play", says Parente.

In London 2012, Weibo reached the figure of four billion posts, with a peak of 20 thousand messages per second. Rio 2016 is expecting even higher numbers.

"The partnership with Sina/Weibo reinforces actions that incentivise foreign tourists to visit Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian attractions in several segments. In addition, it enhances Brazil's exposure legacy as a tourist destination and host of big events", points out Sérgio Flores, EMBRATUR's Marketing and Public Relations Director.