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Customs Guide for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Olympic and Paralympic Games require an immense logistic operation in several areas. One is them is related to procedures required for coming into and leaving Brazil with sport and media equipment, which will be used by athlete and press professionals from all over the world during the Rio 2016 Games.

With the aim of making the understanding of these procedures easier, the Brazilian government put together the Customs Guide for the 206 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Guide, drafted by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Services, provides information on custom procedures to be used at the Games. The document was produced based on Law 12,780/2013, Decree No 8,463/2015 and several regulatory standards in force for tax and customs measures related to goods for the two competitions.

» Follow this link to download the full Guide in PDF format


The Guide provides information on import and export operations that will be conducted by foreign delegations competing in the events at the Rio 2016 Games, by other organisations that will carry out operations in relation to the events in Brazil and particularly, logistic operators and custom brokers hired by these parties. Guidelines are also aimed at press professionals not resident in Brazil, when bringing with them professional equipment for covering the event.

The Guide is divided in three chapters, with detailed information on the tax regime and custom procedures adopted for luggage being brought in by travellers and cargo. In sum, the chapters address the following matters:

Chapter 1
General information on import and export.

Chapter 2
Information on the import of goods being brought in by travellers as part of their luggage or through international courier companies, or even as cargo.

Chapter 3
Addresses the return abroad of goods that came into the country temporarily, in other words, the re-exporting of goods.